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Ingenieursbureau Van Dijk Suriname N.V. is a distributor for Detroit Diesel Corporation and dealer for Allison Transmission since 1947.

The Detroit Diesel Corporation manufactures engines from 10 to 10,000 HP and are used for several applications, such as:

Industrial F - F


The Detroit Diesel Corporation also manufactures the Series 60, the best selling engine in the Class 8 market for seven years in a row!
Allison Transmission is the only name in heavy duty automatic transmissions. Allison has a solution for applications from transit buses to pickup and delivery trucks.

Detroit Diesel Corporation provides a line of high quality, dependable products for all marine applications. The Detroit Diesel Series 60, The DDC/MTU Series 2000 and the DDC/MTU series 4000 engines  have proven track record of performance and durability.

We can also provide custom designs and package Spectrum® generator set from 20 kW to 4,000 kW, from 120 volts to 13.8 kV.

Spectrum® generator set with DDC S50 Engine

Starting in 1999, all Spectrum® generator sets above 200 kW will feature standard electronic controls.

If you operate any Detroit Diesel Series 53, Series 71, Series 92, or Series 149 engines, please be assured that Detroit Diesel and Ingenieursbureau Van Dijk Suriname N.V. are committed to providing the best parts and service.
The engines will be fully supported both in parts and service until the last of these engines is retired.

The Detroit Diesel Corporation has also a special program for remanufactured engines, called the reliabilt® exchange program. For more information about this program, follow the reliabilt® link at the end of this page.

Ingenieursbureau Van Dijk Suriname N.V. delivers quality service, with spirit and enthusiasm, throughout every aspect of our business. As distributors for the Detroit Diesel Corporation and dealers for Allison Transmission, we offer the most advanced and innovative engines and transmissions on the market today.

By training our employees on regular base, we keep the technical know-how up to date and we guarantee good service and after-sales.


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